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30 Second Phone Chargers To Be Available In 2016? [See Video Of How It Works]

My Samsung S4 takes up to 3-4hours to complete charging and this could be annoying sometimes, but it’s an annoyance we’ve all come to accept.
Basically, there is no choice, you can either wait or kepp moving around with a dead battery.
Years from now, we will all be laughed at thinking back to our time, because then, there is a possibility that there will be a charger to charge your phone complete and fully charged for only 30seconds. A video of the prototype was posted on YouTube, watch it at the end of the post.
30 second phone charging 500x237 30 Second Phone Chargers To Be Available In 2016? [See Video Of How It Works]
The secret behind that technology was unveiled by a company called StoreDot which is called Nanodot bio-organic nanocrystals. (sounds strange?) this sounds strange to me too, lets find out what it means bellow.
StoreDot is a company based in Israeli which recently demonstrated its Nanodot technology at the Microsoft “Think Next Conference” in Tel Aviv.
He said that at the core of the new technology was the use of peptides, compounds containing amino acids.
“We are modifying the surface of the electrodes with bio-organic compounds, peptides, to increase the chemical reaction to produce extra energy,” he said.
He also added
“It allows us to avoid the most annoying aspect of our smartphones, of which we are demanding more and more, and to ensure that we have a charged telephone all day,”
Breaking down this words scientifically using its terms,: you could be able to fully charge your phone in 30 seconds by 2016.
There are some things to note about the Store-Dot technology.
First, this charger is as large as a laptop charger, which isn’t really pocketable for traveling. I’m sure it’s also very expensive to make.
However, Its known that StoreDot will reduce the size and price of the charger over the year, Eventually, the charger is expected to cost twice as much as an average phone charger (around $60), which is a lot lesser than what i would pay for something as cool and useful as this.
This device is expected to hit market in late 2016, so we’re still a couple years away. However, in a mobile world that has constantly struggled with battery life innovations, this could be an important turning point.

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