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welcome to this web blog specially designed for the lover of android platform phones.

 In the couple of weeks to come, me and my group of friends will be showing you few ways to make the best use of your android phones, giving you encouragement consigning the choice you made in buying android phones and showing you one more reason why if you have to buy another phone again after this one, it still has to be an android phone because to tell you noting but the truth ; android  phones that you have the possession of is not just a smartphone, but the smartest enhancing mobile machine that every computer literate need to have.

Though android os are not paying me to these, but i tell you friends that am ready to go even higher than these if my financial power will permit me without any thought of regression, simply because i do not only use an android smart enhancing machine, i also love it because of all the benefit i get from using it.
here i have a list of the benefit i get from using my android phone 

  • my android smart enhancing machine no matter  the operating system i have on it will save me from the cost of having a phone  and still going about to look for money to buy a modem, nor a router,  neither a wifi hotspot (mifi) because,every android smartphone that i have ever set my eyes on will always come with an inbuilt hotspot that is capable of distributing my megabites to noting less than five devices no matter how big or what name they call them
  • My android smart enhancing machine will save me the cost of  signup for sms alert for any of my bank or any other account since my email messages come to me just as sms would without any extra cost,so instead of signing up for an sms alert that will kept of deducting part of my hard earn money every month, i just opt in form e-mail alert with no extra cost.
  • My android smart enhancing machine has given me so much confidence to say from the time have been using a phone,till now have now settled with android operating system, that i have never loose a contact and that i will never loose it without the use of any simcard backup, i easily backup my contact, my document and even my calender in to my google account and can easily get them any where, any time and any how with or without internet.
  • My phone doesn’t only keep my contact saved, but also gave me the opportunity of having more contact and more friends in my phone with the ability of synchronizing my friend list from the list of application such as facebook friends,nimbuzz buddy list,whatsapp twitter and many of them,so i have the contact of all my friends from all these applications directly on my phone without any extra charges.  

The list of my benefits is inexhaustible, join me and my team  on the android specially designed blog and learn more and more benefit that you can derive from your android smartphone and learn to make the best use of the opportunity presented to you and i by google.thanks

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