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Check Out This AirType Keyboard-less Keyboard

It doesn’t really matter what you use to do it – typing is just about the same on all devices. Oh, sure, it’s bigger on some devices and smaller on others, but the letters and the keys are pretty much all in the same spots, and you have to press them all the same to get your message out. We’ve been typing the same way since basically the advent of the typewriter, QWERTY and all. Don’t you think it might be time for some kind of a change?

The folks at AirType do, and I have to admit – what they’ve designed is intriguing to say the least. They’ve created a bluetooth keyboard that’s missing the keyboard, and they claim it will work anywhere, and even better, it will learn all of your typing habits and will adapt to each individual user. They claim a person can type on any surface whatsoever or they can also type on no surface at all if that’s their preference.

The keyboard works using 2 bluetooth bracelets which connect to an app to learn your typing habits. The bracelets will even clip onto a tablet so you can easily carry them wherever you take your tablet. AirType claims that its text prediction and text correction are state of the art as well, so a user won’t have to spend all their time detecting and retyping words.

At this point in AirType’s development there is no mention of how much it will ultimately cost. If it proves to be successful, though, it could provide a welcome change to mobile typing everywhere.

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[Image via DudeIWantThat]


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