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How to Remove Memory Card password (Micro SD) in 3 Steps?

There are various methods are available to remove memory card password or Recover Micro SD memory card Password, today here we are going to share some easies and best methods toUnlock memory card password, follow the below steps torecover memory card password

Here is the methods to remove memory card password in few steps, check the below methods and give us your feedback about the methods in below comment box.

Remove Memory Card Password (Method 1)

1) For this method you have to arrange one Nokia Symbian OS phone to unlock Micro SD card.

2) After getting Nokia Symbian OS Phone, insert your locked Memory card into the Nokia Phone

3) Now you have to Install one software named “FExplorer Software” and install that software into Nokia Symbian OS phone, you can download “FExplorer Software” via below Download button.

4) After downloading the FExplorer Software install it on your phone.

5) Now open the FExplorer and go to C Drice and find one file named “MMCSTORE”

6) Now after finding the MMCStore file copy it into your PC or Laptop

7) After copying the file open that file into Notepad

8) At the end of the file you will get your password

That’s it, now enter your password into your phone to remove your memory card password, if this method is not working for you or you are getting any specific problem then try the below methods to Recover Micro SD password.

Micro SD / Memory Card Password Recovery – (Method 2)

1) In this second method you have to use Nokia Symbian OS Phone to recover Micro SD password.

2) After arranging the Nokia Symbian OS phone insert your memory card into Nokia phone

3) Now Download & install the X-PLORE Application using below Download Button

4) After installing the App open it and simply pass the numeric value 0

5) Now you will get some option, from them you have to select “Show System Files”

6) After that simply go to the path: “C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore”

7) Now press the Numeric number 3 to enable the HEX_Viewer

8) After that you will get some values like “TMSD02G (c ??”? x???1?9?9?1?2) in the third column”

9) Now you just have to simply the above code by remove “?”

10) After remove the “?” you will get your memory card password, For example for the above code password is 19912

That’s it, Hope this method worked for you to recover your memory card password, there is one more method available to Unlock Micro SD card Password in simple steps, for this check the below method.

Recover Memory Card password (Micro SD) – (Method 3)

Well we can’t say this method is to use for removing memory card password, this method is used when you don’t have any way to remove your micro SD card password because from this method you will lost your all data which is stored in your memory card, well we suggest to you this method only if you don’t have any important data in the card. Follow the below steps to remove or Unlock memory card password.

1) Enter your Locked memory card into your phone

2) Now try to open your card & when it ask for password simply enter “0000”

3) After that it will ask you that you want to Format your card?

4) Now press OK button.

That’s it, now your memory card is formatted and ready for use,

Note: By using method 3 you will lost all of your data which is stored in your card, so we are not responsible for any kind of data lost.

So these are the some best and easy methods to remove memory card password or Unlock memory card password, hope you like the article and methods too. If you still have any query or doubt regarding removing memory card password then feel free to ask us via below commenting box we will try our best to resolve your problem.

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