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WHY ARE JEWS SO SMART? By Dr. Stephen Carr Leon

Since I spent about 3 years in Israel for internship in a few hospital there, it came to my mind about doing research on  “Why the Jews are Intelligent.”

It goes without denial that Jews are ahead in all aspects of life such as engineering, music, science and most obvly  in business –  nearly 70% of world trade/business are held by the Jews – in cosmetics, food, fashion, arms, hotels and film industries (Hollywood etc).

During my 2nd year, I was about to go back to California. This idea came to me and I was wondering why God gave this gift/ability to them? Is this a coincidence? or is it man-made? Can intelligent Jews be produced like goods from a factory? My research took abt 8 yrs to gather all the information as accurately as possible, like their food intake, culture, religion, initial preparation of pregnancy, etc and I would compare them with other races.

Let’s start with initial preparation of pregnancy. In Israel, the first thing I noticed is that a pregnant mother wld always sing n play the piano n wld always try to solve mathematical problems together with her husband. I was very surprised to see the pregnant women always carry math books. Sometimes I would help her to solve some problems. I wld ask,  “Is this for your child in the womb?” She wld answer, “Yes to train the child still in the womb so that it would be a genius later on”. She wld solve maths problems without let-up until the child is born.

Another thing I noticed is abt their food.  The pregnant women loved to eat almonds n dates with milk.  For lunch she wld take bread and fish (without the head), salad mixed with almonds n other nuts. They believe  fish is good for the devt of the brain and that fish  head is bad for the brain. And also it is in the culture of the Jews for pregnant mothers to take cod liver oil.

When I was invited for dinner, I noticed that they always like to eat fish (flesh and fillet) and no meat. According to their belief, meat and fish together will not give any benefit to our body. Salad and nuts is a must, esp almonds.

They would always eat fruits first before the main meal. Their belief if you eat the main meal first (like bread or rice) then fruits, this will make us feel sleepy and difficult to understand lessons in school.

In Israel, smoking is a taboo. If you are a guest, don’t smoke in their house, they would politely ask you to go out to smoke. According to scientists in  Univs in Israel, nicotine would destroy cells in our brain and will affect the genes and DNA, resulting in generations of moron or defective brain. All smokers  pls take note (Ironically, the biggest producer of cigarettes is… you know who…).

The food intake for the child is always under the guidance of the parents., First, the fruits with almonds, followed by cod liver oil. In my assessment, most Jewish children know at least 3 languages, ie Hebrew, Arabic and English. Since childhood they wld be trained in playing the piano and violin – it is a must.

They believe that this practice will increase the IQ of the child and will make him a genius.  According to Jewish scientists, the vibration of the music wld stimulate the brain.  That is why there are lots of geniuses among the Jews.

Since grade 1 to 6, they wld be taught business mathematics. Science subjects would be their first preference. As comparison, I cld see the IQ of children in California is about 6 years back. Jewish children are  also involved in athletics such as archery, shooting and running. They believe that archery and shooting wld make the brain more focused on decision-mkg and precision.
In high school, students are more inclined to study science.  They wld create products, indulge in all sorts of projects  (although some looks very funny or useless). But all attention is given seriously – especially if it is on armaments, medicine or engineering. A successful project or idea wld be introduced in higher institutes, polytechnics or universities.

The Business faculty is given more preference in the last year of university.  Students in business would be given a project and they can only pass if their group (about 10 in a grp) can make a profit of USD1 million !

Don’t be surprised – this is the reality. And that is why half of the business in the world is held by the Jews. Eg.. who designed the latest Levis?  It is being designed in an Israelu university by the Faculty of Business and Fashion!

Have you seen  how they pray?  They always shake their heads –  they believe this action will stimulate and provide more oxygen to the brain (same thing with Islam where you need to bow down your head).

Look at the Japanese, they always bow down their heads as their culture – lots of them are smart –  they love sushi (fresh fish). Is this a coincidence?

In the USA, the commercial/trading center for the Jews are based in New York –  catering only for the Jews. If any Jew has any beneficial idea, their committee will give free interest loans and will make sure the business prosper. Thus Jewish companies like Starbucks, Dell Computers, Coca Cola, DKNY, Oracle, Levis, Dunkin Donut, Hollywood films and hundreds other businesses were given free sponsorship.

Jewish medical graduates in New York were encouraged to register with them and allowed to practice privately with this interest-free loan. Now I know why most hospitals in New York and California always lack specialist doctors.

Smoking will lead to generations of moron. During my visit to Singapore in 2005, I was surprised to see smokers are regarded as outcasts and the price of a pack of cigarettes is about USD 7. Like in Israel it is a taboo. Singapore’s form of government is similar to the Israelis. And that is the reason why most of their universities are of high standards,  even though Singapore is only as big as Manhattan.

Look at Indonesia, everywhere people are smoking. The price of a pack of cigarettes is very cheap only USD 0.70 cents! The result is millions of people with very few intelligent. You can count the number of universities, what product they produced that they can be proud of, low technology, can’t speak other than their own language. Eg why is it so difficult for them to master the English language? All this is due to smoking, their diet, culture.

In my thesis, I do not touch on religion or race –  why the Jews are so arrogant that they were being chased around since the time of the Pharaoh until Hitler. For me it is about politics and survival. The bottom line is: Can we produce intelligent generations just like the Jews??

The answer could be yes. We need to change our daily habits of eating, parenting, etc. and maybe within 3 generations, it could be achieved.
This I could observe in my grandson, for example, at the age of 9 he cld write a 5-page essay on “Why I love tomato”

May all of us be in peace and succeed in producing future generations of genius for the betterment of humankind, no matter who you are.

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