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Many bloggers would abandon their blog after they applied for adsense and they were denied of approval. They will go about starting a new blog from the scratch because their gmail account will not be giving the chance to re-apply, not knowing that they could move the old blog from the blacklisted email account to a newer email in order to re-apply after correcting the error noted by adsense system.
Today I will be sharing the tutorial on how you can move your blog from one gmail to another without any effect on your blog content and attribute.
Without wasting time, lets get to today business.

  1. Logging to your blogger dashboard using one browser 
  2. Choose settings from the drop down as show BELOW.
  3. Click on add author and enter the address of the gmail account you want to transfer the blog
  4. Click invite author and wait for it to be invited
  5. Open another browser and login to the e-mail account to accept the invitation 
  6. Open the email received and  click accept invitation

  7. You will be asked to sign in to, click sign and confirm your profile detail.(that is if you have not blog using new gmail before)
  8. Sign in and confirm your  as shown bellow
  9. After you confirm your profile as shown above, you will be taken to blogger dashboard which will give you access to the blog as an author

  10. return to the first browser and refresh the page to show your second email info as author
  11. Now set the email from author to admin and then remove the first email from the list
  12. After this, you will not find the blog on the dashboard of the email again, it will only show you the other blogs (that’s if you have more than one blog) 
  13. Now return to the second browser, refresh the page and then enjoy your full access over the blog using your new email account.

    That’s all you need to do to move your blog from one gmail account to another.
    If you want have many author and admin on blog, all you need to is just to keep inviting the email and do not remove any one them as asked in step 11.
    The video for this tutorial will soon be posted just in case you didn’t get it right with the screen shot and instruction, so check back soon, OR drop your comment if you have any challenge doing it.

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