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Start with an idea

Idea rule the world”, you must have come across thiS phrase before and wonder whAt it really means.
Well, don’t wonder too far, because that statement is 100% correct.
We are living in a world ruled by ideas.
WhAtever it is you are using right now is the product of an idea one wAy or the other.
To move into the world of business, you need a very good idea of meeting a need or needs.
It must help people solve their problems cheaper and better.
The idea must be easily accessed And it must bE yours.
Even if it iS not 100% yours, it should have your touch.

Henry ford was once asked what he would do if he loss all. His possession. Without hesitating, he said he would think up another fundamentAl human need and meet it by offering a cheaper and more effEctive service than anybody else. He said he Would be a miLlionaire again in 5 years.

So dear reader, pay attention to human needs and their problems, because, there are
needs everywhere around us.
But people are poor because they are ‘need blind’

Mike Adenuga oF Nigeria came up with Globacom, a cheaper way of making mobile calls.
Dangote came up with Sugar in more effective way.
Soichiro Honda came up with a cheapEr and easier way of riding motorbike.
Today, Honda is the largest manufacturer of motorbikes.

“To start a business, you need an idea and that idea must meet A pressing public need, ThAt idea must bE accessible, more effective and more affordable”

Larry Izamoje, the oWner of the No 1 sport radio station in Africa started his career as a sport journalist.
The idea of having a sports radio station is quite a novel, people didn’t see how it Would work, but when it stArted, it was great, it met a public need and todAy, its a runaWay sucCess.
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