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Tech!! 8 Apps To Turn Your Windows Pc Into A Wi-fi Hotspot

Sharing your computer’s internet access among your Wi-Fi devices is an easy way to save bandwidth and maintain network security. In this post, I have put up a collection of the best Wi-Fi software that can share a single internet connection among your friends,devices and other Wi-Fi enables products.
Let’s Get Started :
1. Virtual Router – Wifi Hot Spot
Virtual Router is a simple windows program developed by Chris Pietschmann a Microsoft MVP for Bing Maps and Co-Founder of Carto LLC. This freeware turns your Windows 7, windows 8 and Windows 2008 R2 into a super Wi-Fi hot spot.
with virtual router, user can wirelessly share their internet connection with any device and connections are completely secured with WPA2 (the best wireless encryption.)
Download Virtual Router
2. Connectify Hotspot
Connectify is a popular Wi-Fi hot spot software that has the ability to share any internet connection wirelessly to any Wi-Fi enabled device. it also offers file sharing among connected devices and has an automatic connection selection.
Download Connectify
3.  WiFi HotSpot Creator
WiFi hotspot creator isn’t a new kid on the block. the free software does what other’s do but in a unique design and style. it’s malware free,easy to install,secured and has a good support via Forum and Email.
Download WiFi HotSpot Creator
4. Thinix WiFi HotSpot
Thinix is a premium software with a 7 day trial. Thinix supports large number of windows operating systems including Windows 8. it supports laptops,Desktops with WiFi cards and Tablet computers; thinix allows administrative users to share wireless devices connected by USB and has a WPA2 encryption method for securing WiFi.
                                                                                  Download Thinix Wifi HotSpot
5.  SeventhGate
SeventhGate enables Windows 7 and windows server 2008R2 computers with wireless network card to turn into a cool wireless router. it achieves it purpose by using the virtual wireless mini port adapted in your computer. It’s very similar to virtual router and also easy to use.
Maryfi is a free and simple to use software router for computers running windows 7. maryfi has the ability to share any internet connection or cable modem. One unique feature is that it can share the Wi-Fi network your computer is connected to. the WiFi password has a WPA2 Encryption.
Download MARYFI
7. mHotSpot
mHotSpot  has a unique way of allowing you play Multiplayer games over WiFi. it super charges and turns your windows 7 and windows 8 Computer into a virtual WiFi router. mHotSpot requires no installation, connects up to 10 devices,shares any type of internet connection,view the details of connected devices,view the network statistics, has an android app via Google play and usage and set maximum number of connected devices.
                                                                                                 Download mHotSpot
8. Whisher
Whisher is a special WiFi hot spot creator that can detect Wifi signals around you environment and can also share them once you are connected. Whisher also allows ISPs to brand their company’s logo in other to maximize their business. whisher allows you to share your wifi like a network administrator.

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