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Windows Tablets For $65

What does a good cup of Java cost you these days? A couple of bucks, right? So all you need to do is give up coffee for a little over a month and you could save up enough cash to buy a new Windows tablet.

Granted these machines are not going win any speed prizes, but they are real and they are cheap. The Emdoor I8170 is 7 inch and the Ployer MOMO8 is 8 inches and they are both priced at just $65, which makes them considerably cheaper than an OEM copy of Windows OS.

I must admit, I hadn’t heard of Emdoor or Ployer before this, but they are the firms behind these two new dirt-cheap tablets. So, what do you get for $65? The Emdoor I8170 is a 7-inch tablet and Ployer’s MOMO8 is an 8-inch tablet. Both tablets feature an Atom Z3735G chip and 1GB of RAM. Their quad-core Atom Z3735G processors are superior to previous Atom processors, but they are still not quick by any stretch of the imagination. The machines come with 1GB of RAM and both come with 16GB of onboard storage. There is also a Micro SD slot included too.

You will not receive a Surface Pro-like experience from these Windows tablets, but then again, that is not what they are designed for. Hats off to Emdoor and Ployer for putting together a nifty pair of little devices for a small price.

A little gratitude also must go to Microsoft for giving manufacturers free Windows licenses to use on low-cost devices like these and also a huge Atom price cut from Intel means we are going to be seeing lots more tablets and laptops such as these coming to the table in the near future.

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[Image via umpcportal]


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